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At Educrafters, we endeavor to conspire the ancient values of utmost largess dedication and amenability that gave teaching a very pious status, with latest teaching tack to make the act of learning, a delectable experience. The arduous task accomplished by a crew of diligent & expert academicians, who with the years of experience have mastered with the techniques to transform even the most abstruse topics easy to comprehend.

The great emphasis laid on the concepts and fundamentals with a smooth transition to the advanced levels of educating. The interaction between students and educators is always encouraged to provide a very spirited environment for growth and learning. During the process of training the students for VIII Class, IX Class, X Class, XI Class, XII Class, Various Olympiads, GUJCET, IIT-JEE, NEET and other Engineering Entrance examinations; a great determination is laid on the fundamentals to surpass in the GSEB & CBSE examination as well.

The Magnificent management team and their excellent teaching techniques will provide a positive approach to success only at the Educrafters.

Our center is equipped with the best in class infrastructure with clean and well-lit classrooms running on optimum batch size to ensure attention to the needs of each child. Within the classroom, learning is simplified by the Educrafters teaching as well as having study material and study notes collated by faculty who’ve demonstrated years of subject expertise.

Apart from the academic support, we focus on overall development of the child through periodic sessions that are adequately sensitized and assimilate the components of life skills, attitudes and values naturally.

In the coming years, we plan to build on our learning from the initial years and grow exponentially with a single-minded vision to impart high-quality coaching to our students across the state.

  • At Educrafters, the child benefits from a comprehensive curriculum delivered by experienced and expert faculty through an interactive and blended teaching pedagogy. Educrafters prides itself on having the faculty of the highest caliber, as we believe they form the backbone of our learning center. We ensure that our staff inherently displays values, which are synonymous with Educrafters, namely – patience, approachability, self-confidence, result orientation and an unbiased attitude.
  1. Our Faculty: The faculty members associated with Educrafters are a strong and dedicated team of experts who possess ample experience to nurture the students at the basic level and simultaneously making them adaptable to face the competitive examinations successfully.  The faculty at Educrafters is more like companions who inspire the students to master the concepts. This is achieved through fostering innovations in education, interaction with professors, conceptual teaching, assessment, evaluation, guidance and motivation.
  2. Fool Proof Academic Strategy: All our classroom contact programs have been designed so that the student, in each subject first obtains the basic clarity and then understands its applications by the graded set of assignments and problems. This is strengthened by daily practice problems and regular testing system i.e. unit tests, module tests and eventually full syllabus mock tests.  All the testing procedure is subjected to macro analysis by the institute and micro analysis by the respective faculty in the classroom.
  3. Sensitive & Helpful Management: The Management takes extreme care to address any problem of the students, it has been instituted which ensures that any difficulty faced by the child is solved within seven days.
  4. Study Material: In order to supplement the process of learning, Educrafters provides course material which is unique in its class and is indigenously developed by the experts after careful study of the latest examinations trends. The authors are a dedicated team of experts who are well versant with competitive environment and have adopted a somewhat informal style appealing directly to the students’ curiosity, while describing a large number of phenomenons.
  5. Psychological inputs: At Educrafters regular workshops/sessions are conducted to help the child in better planning and creating stress free study environment.  Special care is taken to keep the child consistently motivated for effective performance. Students requiring individual help/counseling are also encouraged to overcome their problem by one counseling session with our experts.
  6. Regular Feedback to Parents: The results of the tests, punctuality and behavior of the student are regularly intimated to the parents.
  7. Doubt Removal Tutorials: At the end of each classes are held to remove doubts raised by students.

The encouraging feedback received from both parents and students have further strengthened our belief that it was a step taken in the right direction.